Free Banners


ING is the only Belgian Top 5 bank that offers a free online checking account. The campaign to promote this account uses the tagline: The ING Lion Account, as free as a sea breeze (on the coast tram), as free as singing in your car (alongside busy crossings), etc. For the banners we went one step further...


For the bannering campaign, we used the line: as free as the making of these banners. In video banners, we showed the do-it-yourself approach used to make them: writing on cardboard, using creatives as actors, gluing on a paper button, playing the ING jingle on a cassette player...


Tongue-in-cheek humor, high stopping power and pretty impressive numbers:

* Excellent visibility with over 60 mio impressions

* Almost 60.000 clicks to the site with only a "buy" call to action

* CPC of 1,62€, which is good for a CPM campaign in banking

* CTR of larger formats up to 2,9% (splash page)

* Over a thousand people joined forces in a Lion Account Facebook group