Hold Your Lion


PUB, Belgium's nr 1 advertising magazine, asked us to do the cover of their Cannes edition.

Insight: in case you didn't notice, there was a crisis going on in 2009. So few Belgians were able to attend the festival.


Thanks to augmented reality, you could experience the thrill of holding a Gold Lion - even if you stayed in rainy Belgium.

You just had to go to and strike a winner's pose with your PUB cover or outprint. Our 'Augmented Reality' engine did the rest.


Way over 2000 readers cherished their virtual lion. The viral effect was astonishing. On the 2nd day, creatives in China were already showing off with their lion.

Blogs all over the world invited their readers to have a go at

And PUB magazine? They can call themselves the first magazine ever that featured augmented reality on its cover.